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Some good Articles

  • 2022-02-27 Practical Guide to Solving Hard Problems

    I sometimes find myself in a position of needing to write some code that I’m just not sure how to write. Been there have you? Here are the steps I take when I’m stumped. No huge revelations here, just hard-earned advice.

  • 2022-02-18 ⭐ 6 Months of Working at a Hypergrowth Startup – Jacob Brazeal

    I joined Scale AI late last summer. It’s been a crazy experience — Scale is growing incredibly fast right now, hitting a valuation of over $7 billion last year and recently signing a $250 million contract with the DoD. Personally, I’ve made over 100 PRs and conducted about 40 interviews already! It’s also by far the largest company I’ve worked for. Here are some lessons I’ve learned

  • 2022-01-26 Durability and Redo Logging

    The most fundamental property a database can provide is durability. That is, once I’ve told you that your write has been accepted, if a mouse chews through the power cord for the server rack, the write will not be lost.