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Links from my inbox May 22 2022 Part 2

· 11 min read

Good Reads

How the things work




+ Family 1Password so everyone can securely manage passwords and share logins
+ Network is covered by pihole (and in exchange, plex/jellyfin/etc access works nicely)

+ Smart home stuff is managed by me. Everyone has admin rights but shared terminals (eg kitchen panel) are unpriviledged users.

+ Everyone has a home directory on the homelab they can back up to with as much space as they want (4tb+). I help them set it up if they ask.

+ Haven't done this yet but would like some kind of network level monitoring for threats (viruses, cryptominers, etc)

Things intentionally not done:

+ I don't install anything on folks devices.. at all, but never without their consent and without them having an off switch.

+ We have cams but everyone can turn them off and view recordings. Recordings are kept only for a short timeframe. Cams are all visible/known.

+ I intentionally collect no logs of dns or other stuff. When I do occasionally need to debug an issue, I let everyone know I am flipping on logs for a few minutes.

Empower users, don't control them.

Job hunt/interviews

  • 2022-05-22 Lessons learned from the recent job hunt · Jamie Tanna Software Engineer

    As you may have recently seen, I've recently gone through the interviewing process and joined Deliveroo as a Senior Software Engineer. This was different to my last move to the Cabinet Office, as I only applied for that role, whereas this time I wasn't really sure what I wanted, and so wanted to interview at a few great places and see what felt like a good fit for me.

  • 2022-05-08 🔥 Interview Process

    System Design interview advices and learning materials







System.Security.PermissionSet ps =
new System.Security.PermissionSet(System.Security.Permissions.PermissionState.None);
ps.AddPermission(new System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission(System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermissionAccess.NoAccess, "C:\\"));
System.Security.Policy.PolicyLevel pl = System.Security.Policy.PolicyLevel.CreateAppDomainLevel();
pl.RootCodeGroup.PolicyStatement = new System.Security.Policy.PolicyStatement(ps);
System.Reflection.Assembly myPluginAssembly = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.Load("MyPluginAssembly");


Watch me ;)