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Links from my inbox November 07 2022

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Good reads

  • 2022-11-05 -2000 Lines Of Code

    -2000 Lines Of Code Author: Andy Hertzfeld Date: February 1982 Characters: Bill Atkinson Topics: Software Design, Management, Lisa Summary: It's hard to measure progress by lines of code

  • 2022-11-04 Use RSS for privacy and efficiency :: rsapkf/www

    Social media sites are riddled with ads, trackers, and dark patterns. As much as I'd love to avoid using them for privacy reasons or time concerns, it's just not possible to keep up to date with current events without them.RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") gives you the best of both worlds. For the uninitiated, it is a way to "subscribe" to websites without having to browse them individually or signing up for newsletters. With a collection of RSS feeds, you can keep up with the latest updates from multiple sources (that offer an RSS feed) from within your feed reader.

  • 2022-10-30 Things your manager might not know

    Here are the facts your manager might not know about you and your team that we’ll cover in this post: What’s slowing the team down Exactly what individual people on the team are working on Where the technical debt is How to help you get better at your job What your goals are What issues they should be escalating What extra work you’re doing How compensation/promotions work at the company

  • 2022-10-30 My Top 10 Tips for Doing Time In ‘the Hole’ The Marshall Project

    In prison, going to “the hole” can mean spending 23 hours a day alone in a tiny cell. Here, incarcerated author Michael J. Nichols shares his top 10 tips for enduring long stretches of “administrative segregation.”

  • 2022-10-29 How to communicate effectively as a developer

    Writing effectively is a superpower, there is no denying it. As a software engineer, you write a lot. Most of the writing you do is for computers. Businesses, however, consist of people. image-20221105175233408

  • 2022-10-25 "Workflows, a new abstraction for distributed systems" by Dominik Tornow Strange Loop 2022 - YouTube

    Distributed "functions" that can resume execution from the previous state Recommendation from the talk:

  • 2022-10-21 When life gives you lemons, write better error messages by Jenni Nadler Sep, 2022 Wix UX

    Error messages are part of our daily lives online. Every time a server is down or we don’t have internet, or we forget to add some info in a form, we get an error message. “Something went wrong” is the classic. But what went wrong? What happened? And, most importantly, how can I fix it?


  • 2022-10-17 YAGNI exceptions -

    • Applications of Zero One Many. If the requirements go from saying “we need to be able to store an address for each user”, to “we need to be able to store two addresses for each user”, 9 times out of 10 you should go straight to “we can store many addresses for each user”

    • Versioning. This can apply to protocols, APIs, file formats etc.

    • Logging. Especially for after-the-fact debugging, and in non-deterministic or hard to reproduce situations, where it is often too late to add it after you become aware of a problem.

    • Timestamps

  • 2022-10-16 If you want to terminate on an unexpected exception, then don't sniff at every exception; just let the process terminate - The Old New Thing

    The idea is that the Do­Something function uses an error code to report problems, but it is built with the help of functions that use exceptions to report problems. The Do­Something function sets up a try/catch that catches any exceptions that may emerge from the helper functions and uses a helper function to convert the exception to an HRESULT. If the exception cannot be converted to an HRESULT, then we terminate the process, because the helper functions threw a disallowed exception.


  • 2022-11-04 Pex4Fun - Microsoft Research

    And it is gone now. Why?

  • 2022-11-04 GOTO: .NET Source Browser

    Tell me more about goto! .NET Source Browser is very helpful tool

        // Skip past any whitespace at the beginning.
    if ((styles & NumberStyles.AllowLeadingWhite) != 0 && IsWhite(num))
    if ((uint)index >= (uint)value.Length)
    goto FalseExit;
    num = value[index];
    while (IsWhite(num));
    // ....
    return status;

    FalseExit: // parsing failed
    result = 0;
    status = ParsingStatus.Failed;
    goto Exit;
    result = 0;
    status = ParsingStatus.Overflow;
    goto Exit;
  • 2022-10-27 Why has Microsoft finally trademarked Clippy? - Office Watch

    In June 2021, Microsoft applied for a Clippy image trademark.

    imgSource: Justica


Stable Diffusion

2022-10-28 Stable Diffusion Prompt Book - OpenArt OpenArt






  • 2022-10-26 systemd Shutdown Units - Poseidon Labs

    Designing a system to shutdown gracefully can be tricky. In an ideal world, every service would be managed by a systemd unit. ExecStart would start a process that handles SIGTERM by stopping itself and an ExecStop would inform the process and block to gracefully stop the process and its resources.

    But not all software stops gracefully or does a full teardown of what it set up. In this post, we’ll look at systemd’s shutdown behavior and strategies for writing systemd units that perform custom cleanup tasks before shutdown.



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