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Links from my inbox October 04 2022

ยท 4 min read

AI Generated Aww of the mothโ€‹

Wiki Updates:โ€‹

  • Added docs/psy/Nonviolent

    Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is an approach to communication based on principles of nonviolence. It is not a technique to end disagreements, but rather a method designed to increase empathy and improve the quality of life of those who utilize the method and the people around them.

Good Reads / Videosโ€‹


The X-Filesโ€‹

  • 2022-10-08 Jewish Calendar

    About how the Jewish Calendar works.

  • 2022-10-05 Kubernetes Hardening Guide

    National Security Agency Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Cybersecurity Technical Report Not exactly an X-File...


Web / JavaScriptโ€‹

JavaScript Librariesโ€‹


C# / .NETโ€‹

Projects and Toolsโ€‹

C++ Interactive tutorialsโ€‹

These two are very good beginner resources:


Emacs configโ€‹


Summary of the results (page 137):
Protocol Sniffing Injection
Plexgear Yes Yes
Rapoo Yes Yes
Logitech No Yes
Corsair Yes Yes
iiglo Yes Yes
Exibel Yes Yes
Razer No No



Cheat Sheetsโ€‹

  • 2022-10-05 x64 Cheat Sheet

    Assembly language cheat sheet for x64 architecture