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Big-Tech folks

This curated list features individuals who hold positions at leading tech companies, and have made noteworthy contributions to the industry. These professionals have given public talks, run YouTube channels, written insightful articles, and achieved significant milestones in their respective fields. To avoid ambiguity, the companies listed are the ones associated with the individuals at the time of collating this list.

Who wrote this?

2023-06-11 I Created Clippy - YouTube

2023-07-02 kevan atteberry

This guy made a monster! Just kidding, Clippy will be awesome! The character is there, now it needs AI! #ms

2023-06-11 Inside Task Manager with the Original Author - YouTube

2023-07-02 Dave's Garage - YouTube

How Task Manager was born, how it works, and insider secrets to using it! For information on my book, "Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire": #ms 2023-06-11 How To Launch Nuclear Missile - YouTube

2023-07-02 The Next Decade of Software Development - Richard Campbell - NDC London 2023 - YouTube

Richard Campbell #ms


2023-07-16 Bill Gates

2023-07-16 Home | Bill Gates

He has a blog and the podcast is coming soon

2023-10-19 Bill Gates demonstrates Visual Basic (1991) - YouTube Windows 3.1

2023-07-16 David Plummer #ms

2023-07-16 Dave's Garage - YouTube

Book: Secrets of the Autistic Millionaire: Everything I know about Autism, ASD, and Asperger's that I wish I'd known back then... eBook : Plummer, David William : Kindle Store

2023-07-13 John Savill's Technical Training - YouTube #ms

2023-06-30 Rebuilding Twitter Following Clean Architecture and Domain-Driven Design - Amichai Mantinband - YouTube #ms

2023-06-30 Amichai Mantinband - YouTube

2023-07-30 Raymond Chen The Old New Thing