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  • 2022-03-06 The Painfully Shy Developer's Guide to Networking for a Better Job Without Being Creepy

    Look, I get it. A bunch of web developers, recruiters, and vendors standing around in a room eating pizza or drinking beer and making small talk might sound like complete and utter death for you. There may be a million things you'd rather be doing. "Uhh,

    - Core Philosophy 1: Make Other People Feel Welcome and Accepted
    - Core Philosophy 2: Give First, then Give Some More
    - Core Philosophy 3: Don't Overthink - Be Genuine & Have Fun
    - Tactic 1: Smile and Say Hi
    - Tactic 2: Ask Questions (How to Approach a Group)
    - Tactic 3: Give Genuine Gratitude
    - Tactic 4: Find Common Ground
    - Tactic 5: End Gracefully
    - Tactic 6: Follow Up (No one does this!)