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Date: 2023-08-05



Making FFmpeg Easier FFmpeg is a powerful tool for manipulating audiovisual files. Unfortunately, it also has a steep learning curve, especially for users unfamiliar with a command line interface. This app helps users through the command generation process so that more people can reap the benefits of FFmpeg.

Each button displays helpful information about how to perform a wide variety of tasks using FFmpeg. To use this site, click on the task you would like to perform. A new window will open up with a sample command and a description of how that command works. You can copy this command and understand how the command works with a breakdown of each of the flags.

This page does not have search functionality, but you can open all recipes (second option in the sidebar) and use your browser's search tool (often ctrl+f or cmd+f) to perform a keyword search through all recipes.


Browser Consoleโ€‹

2023-08-05 Dear Console,โ€ฆ - a collection of code snippets to use in the browser console


2023-08-31๐ŸŒž DevTools Tips


2023-11-11 67 Weird Debugging Tricks Your Browser Doesn't Want You to Know | Alan Norbauer

By using expressions that have side effects in places you wouldnโ€™t expect, we can squeeze more functionality out of basic features like conditional breakpoints.



2023-11-06 Git Hidden Gems - Enrico Campidoglio - Copenhagen DevFest 2023 - YouTube

2023-11-06 Enrico Campidoglio Git log Pretty Print:

git log --pretty="%C(red)%h%Creset%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %C(cyan)(%ar)%Creset"


git config --global core.pager

Search all commits by C-style function name

# func: add
# in file src/calculator.ts

git log -L:add:src/calculator.ts


2023-12-09 The Complete Puppeteer Cheatsheet | ProxiesAPI

found in: Puppeteer is a Node.js library developed by Google for controlling headless Chrome and Chromium over the DevTools Protocol. It allows you to automate UI testing, scraping, screenshot testing, and more. ๐Ÿ‘

2023-09-07 ๐Ÿ’ก LINQ to SQL cheat sheet ยป DamienG


Old, but not obsolete, nicely made cheat sheet


2023-12-15 GOOD SOLID Cheatsheet - Single Responsibility Principle



2023-06-19 CheatSheetSeries/cheatsheets_draft/ at master ยท OWASP/CheatSheetSeries ยท GitHub