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  • 2022-10-26 systemd Shutdown Units - Poseidon Labs

    Designing a system to shutdown gracefully can be tricky. In an ideal world, every service would be managed by a systemd unit. ExecStart would start a process that handles SIGTERM by stopping itself and an ExecStop would inform the process and block to gracefully stop the process and its resources.

    But not all software stops gracefully or does a full teardown of what it set up. In this post, we’ll look at systemd’s shutdown behavior and strategies for writing systemd units that perform custom cleanup tasks before shutdown.



% startx /usr/bin/google-chrome --kiosk
(or use any other webbrowser)

you could also add this to your .xinitrc / .xsession file:

exec /usr/bin/google-chrome --kiosk

Bash Snippets​

trap 'echo "# $BASH_COMMAND";read' DEBUG
echo line1
echo line2
echo line3
echo "Hello World";


Data processing​