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FFmpeg is the Swiss Army knife of the audio-video editing, processing, compression, and streaming world. You can practically do anything with FFmpeg when it pertains to building an AV pipeline, and in this tutorial, we cover several popular and valuable uses of FFmpeg..

On this page, you will find ready-to-use snippets for specific use cases, complete with command lines and examples of inputs and outputs to help you understand the use case. For example, blurring a video, cropping it, rotating it clockwise, and so much more!


ffmpeg and tools

GoPro Video Processing Tools

  • 2022-02-08 Gyroflow

    Gyroflow is an application that can stabilize your video by using motion data from a gyroscope and optionally an accelerometer. Modern cameras record that data internally (GoPro, Sony, Insta360 etc), and this application stabilizes the captured footage precisely by using them. It can also use gyro data from an external source (eg. from Betaflight blackbox). Github: gyroflow/gyroflow: Video stabilization using gyroscope data


  • 2022-11-28 FFmpeg - Ultimate Guide IMG.LY Blog

    In this guide, we'll go through the hot topics of FFmpeg. But before that, we'll cover some base ground to help you understand basic media concepts and FFmpeg. Feel free to skip the parts that are already trivial for you!